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                       Youth Garden Club

The Spade and Trowel Kids Garden Club meets monthly at the Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club in Seaford.  Youth members plant flowers and vegetables in raised beds, weed, harvest and consume foods they grow.  They also make floral arrangements and create Smokey Bear posters.  A summer kids club normally is not in session.  Volunteers from the adult club enjoy sharing their love  of gardening.  Expenses in 2018-2019 were $44.59 plus materials (seeds, soil, tools, gloves and mulch) donated by the volunteers.  Carol Owens and Carol Kinsley are the 2018-2019 co-chairs this year.  Margaret Alexander and Nancy McAdams were volunteers along with club president Carol Johnson.


STATE WINNERS - We are happy to announce that the Smokey Bear poster contest project we sponsored at the Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club resulted in first place winners in grades 3, 4 and 5 for the entire state! 

Photo below: The winners posed outdoors where they could unmask briefly for a photo as they received their prize certificates and bags of Smokey Bear novelties.

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