Seaford High Students Create Holiday Arrangements




The Spade and Trowel Garden Club, Inc., returned to Seaford High School on Dec. 15 to conduct a lesson in holiday centerpiece making with teacher Chuck Ivins, autism specialist. The school agreed to provide all materials for the centerpieces except greens, which members gathered from their own gardens at no expense. Five club members volunteered to participate; there were 20 students. When materials were running out, three members rushed out into 26-degree weather and strong winds to gather more greenery from Ross mansion grounds.


Most of the greenery had been cut to length to make it easier for the students. Students were then able to do most of the work themselves, with a little direction. They learned how to wire colored balls onto picks and to create bows from ribbon to finish off their arrangements. All were pleased to be able to take their colorful centerpieces home at the end of the day, and 20 families had another reason to take pride in their child.





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