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                Held on December 11, 2014        


The Spade & Trowel Garden Club presented a Standard Holiday Flower Show at the Governor Ross Mansion in Seaford, DE, on Dec. 11 from 1 to 7 p.m. Designs decorated the entire mansion for the holidays and horticultural and photographic exhibits were on display. There also was a quilt display in the upstairs  

bedroom areas. The show was open and free to the public, with refreshments provided by the Seaford Historical Society. Many of the items remained on display through Dec. 14 for Victorian Christmas  

at the Ross Mansion.


Random photos follow with apologies to anyone whose design is not pictured.


Some of the award winners were:  

Vicki Thompson, Arboreal and Horticultural Excellence Awards

Sharon Christopher, Judge's Chairman Award for her boxwood tree

Dotty Mears, Photography Award

Carol Johnson,Award of Merit in Horticulture

Jane Gillian, President's Award

Carol Kinsley, Holiday Excellence Award and Designer's Choice Award (for her wreath)

Tayaisia Harris, Youth Award


In all there were 91 horticultural entries, 56 exhibits (including 11 youth exhibits) and 31 boxwood trees made by club members.


One judge remarked that we had outdone her club's decorating of their town's mansion--quite a compliment!


Another judge wrote:  "All around a wonderful show and delightful day.  Compliments to all the designers and to those exhibiting in Horticulture, Photography and Youth--especially to all the great cooks for providing a delightful tea." Trish


"Your club really did a wonderful job creating a "Christmas Enchantment" at the Governor Ross Mansion.  I enjoyed being on a judging panel and having the opportunity to be part of your beautiful show." Bobbie Brittingham


"Congratulations on your club's wonderful flower show, "Christmas Enchantment" at the Ross Mansion. The house looked beautiful.  The designs were quite impressive and expressed the holidays." Chairman, Betty Kromarck

Margaret Alexander, Docent

Gwen Messenger, Docent

Club President: Carol Johnson

June 10, 2014 - Spade & Trowel Garden Club presented its "Standard Flower Show" at the Seaford Library

Random pictures of the flower show follow.  Apologies to anyone who had an entry and it does not appear in any of the following candid photos.














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