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Beautification of Downtown Seaford 2017


The beautification of downtown Seaford always begins with the planting of the baskets which adorn the two bridges which are found within the city limits.  One bridge spans an inlet from the Nanticoke River and is across from the Nanticoke Hospital.  The other bridge spand the railroad which is primarily used to bring grains into and out of the Delmarva region.  In addition the club provides containers and flowers for the entrance to City Hall.  The downtown businesses also have the option of having the club plant their containers (in fact we even have a woodworker who will build containers for a nominal fee) and beds for a modest cost.  All in all it makes downtown Seaford more appealing 9 months out of the year.


The project begins with emptying the soil from the previous year, refilling the containers with new soil and then the planting of the flowers.  As the pictures demonstrate it is a "work day" for the club but the results make it all worth while.


                                 (Special thanks to Carol Owens for some of these pics.)




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